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— Dave Clarke

"Individual and well formed music, that expresses the uniqueness of Jeditah’s artistic vision" 

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The Night - Jeditah
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You & Me - Jeditah
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Differently - Jeditah
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Horseman - Jeditah
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Beth - Jeditah
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JEDITAH is a songwriter, producer and singer from Amsterdam. 


From an early age Jeditah has been indulged in the world of music, traveling along with her parents as a music collective. Inspired by musicians such as Björk, James Blake, Moderat and PJ Harvey, she starts experimenting with music herself. She starts off with her own voice, lowering and altering it. Later on she also adds electronic beats and synths.  


With Electric AlleyCat Jeditah established herself as a singer and songwriter. In between performing and recording with this band, she creates layered soundscapes from old recordings and homemade samples. It’s here where she develops her very own sound: playful, melancholic and adventurous. Music that speaks to the imagination of the listener.   


Jeditah released her first single You & me in Sept 2018. Her debut EP Waves followed in Oct 2018.

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Official music video You & Me

Video by Veldtwerk Films:

Director - camera - editing: Ard van der Veldt | Assistent director/editing: Martha Jane Settler | Concept - production: Ard van der Veldt & Jeditah

Hair - make-up: Martha Jane Settler | Greenscreen studio: Public Cinema

single You & Me

remix by Dan Grain of You & Me
For bookings and general info:
Waves EP  is out now on CD (6 euros + delivery charge) and USB with some extra features (10 euros + delivery charge). If you'd like to receive this EP, send me an e-mail.
Big thanks to a lot of people for their support on several ways, special credits & thanks to ♥ :
Photography & music video: Ard van der Veldt | Vocal recording & so much more: Martha Jane Settler | Logo, artwork and advice: Van Lennep, Amsterdam | Shots in Sweden for "You & Me": Martin & Ieteke van der Meulen | Technical support & introducing me to Ableton: BEAT Fabriek, Joost van der Meer | Learning even more about producing: Richard in het Veld, Camiel Daamen, teachers at SAE | Mixing & mastering my tracks: Martijn Groeneveld | Mastertraject De Coöperatie, especially Sven Hammerpagt and Douwe Esschendal | Making a fabulous remix (coming soon): Dan Grain | Use of the green screen studio: Public Cinema | Press promotion: It's All Happening | Cello & support: Mr. Van Walsh | Additional drums on Waves EP: Otto de Jong | Creating a liveset, keys & controller: Jordy Pama
Jeditah - Waves Release @ OT301

Photos by Renata Chede 4th of Oct 2018