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For bookings and general info:
Waves EP  is out now on CD (6 euros + delivery charge) and USB with some extra features (10 euros + delivery charge). If you'd like to receive this EP, send me an e-mail.
Big thanks to a lot of people for their support on several ways, special credits & thanks to ♥ :
Photography & music video: Ard van der Veldt | Vocal recording & so much more: Martha Jane Settler | Logo, artwork and advice: Van Lennep, Amsterdam | Shots in Sweden for "You & Me": Martin & Ieteke van der Meulen | Technical support & introducing me to Ableton: BEAT Fabriek, Joost van der Meer | Learning even more about producing: Richard in het Veld, Camiel Daamen, teachers at SAE | Mixing & mastering my tracks: Martijn Groeneveld | Mastertraject De Coöperatie, especially Sven Hammerpagt and Douwe Esschendal | Making a fabulous remix (coming soon): Dan Grain | Use of the green screen studio: Public Cinema | Press promotion: It's All Happening | Cello & support: Mr. Van Walsh | Additional drums on Waves EP: Otto de Jong | Creating a liveset, keys & controller: Jordy Pama